Homoeopathy Treatment in Dhanbad

Homoeopathy is an alternative method of treatment , based on the nature’s law of cure, namely “Like Cures Like”. The term Homoeopathy comes from the Greek words homoeo , meaning similar , Pothos meaning suffering or disease.

The truth of this law was discovered by a German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, and has been verified experimentally and clinically for 200 years.

Homoeopathy is the second largest popular system of medicine in the world today. Its emerging as the complete therapeutic science capable of treating most of the acute and chronic diseases in human body. It is practically beneficial and satisfactory science available to millions of people in the world without any complications. More and more people in the world are taking treatment because of its miraculous recovery without any side effects.

i) Homoeopathy is highly scientific, logical, quick and extremely effective method of healing. It offers long lasting to permanent relief by eliminating the disease from its roots for most of the ailments. Homoeopathy is one of the most rational sciences with respect to its Concept of health, disease and

ii) Homoeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within.

iii) In today’s conventional practice, the physician spends very little time with the patient. He may listen to what is wrong with you and just give some medication for that particular suffering only. But a Homoeopath will inquire into the cause behind the trouble and go up to the root of the disease. For example :- If a patient come to you for his sleeplessness, the physician simply gives some medication for his sleeplessness and not inquire the basic causes of his ailments, and therefore his basic ailments (sleeplessness) may recur after the action of his medication. But on the other hand, Homoeopath will aim to remove the reason behind the sleeplessness such as stress, gastric disturbances etc, or inquire patiently why are you stressed and show you the way out. Homoeopathy has some fine drugs to remove the effects of stress and revitalize you so that you can win over the mental stress. Once the stress is overcome, sleeplessness will certainly disappear forever.

iv) Homoeopathic drugs are derived from nature and natural substances and if used under proper supervision it will not have any side effects whatsoever.

v) During the process of homoeopathic case taking he not only enquires about the physical ailments in details but also questions about his general state of health, illness in the past and family, his life situations, anxieties and stress, fears, dreams etc. This helps the homoeopathic doctor to find the right homoeopathic simillimum for the patient. It also helps the patient to trust in his physician and develop a good relationship with him.

vi) In acute conditions after administration of the medicine it will bring back the lost harmony in a rapid gentle way without producing any complications or side effects.

vii) Homoeopathy is very safe, even for pregnant woman and babies.

viii) The effects of homoeopathic medicine are best seen in children. When children are put on homoeopathy, it allows the child to blossom like a flower and even the hereditary tendencies which run in family can be minimized. The homoeopathic medicine can be administered in a very simple way and because of its sweet taste, kids take the medicines with out any fuss.

ix) Homoeopathy improves the overall immunity of the person so the person does not fall sick frequently.

Space barrier is broken – The advent of computers and internet has now brought forth a wide scope for the patient to select his/her doctor from any corner of the world. The choice is not limited by the area or town you live in. You can reach the best of homoeopathic doctor in India, even though you may be residing in some other country, you don’t need to travel any distance.

It saves your time – Whenever you visit a clinic, a lot of waiting time is required, repeated visits to clinic are required, but when you take online services, you can save a lot of your time.

You can get your doctor any time at your convenience – You can give your complaints and history at your convenience. You don’t need to break your routine or take a leave from office to visit a doctor. You can get your doctor even on holidays and also at night at your convenient time as the online treatment is open 24 hours a day.

Saves money – It saves your travelling expenses; anyone can consult our qualified homoeopaths from any part of the world through online services at minimum consultation charges.

History of the patients suffering is confidential – There is no fear of your history being disclosed to anyone else since all your history will be used for treatment purpose only and will be kept 100% confidential.

It is easy and convenient to everyone – The best part about online treatment is that the entire process is extremely simple and easy to use. You can sign up for treatment at your own convenience without any hassles whatsoever and the medicines will be available for you at your door steps.

The best advantage of homoeopathy is that it cures the disease in a gentle, rapid and permanent way, as on the other hand, allopathic medicines neither cure the disease, nor it removes the cause permanently, rather it suppresses the diseased conditions.

Now a day, people are getting aware of these suppressions and drug related complications, either they have or their relatives or friends have suffered a lot because of these suppressions. So they are now looking for a new line of treatment which cures gently and without suppression of disease. Homoeopathy precisely does that. It cures without suppressing. The awareness about homoeopathy is spreading rapidly and more and more people are now opting for this treatment. Many myths regarding this science are now cleared and people now resort to homoeopathic medicines for treatment for many more diseases, be it acute or chronic in nature.

Many allopathic medicines are banned year after year as they proved to have many side effects on the human beings, but none of the homoeopathic medicines are banned as it does not have conventional aggravations or side effects. As most of the medicines are prepared from natural substances and the quantity of medicine required is negligible. Thus the holistic approach, the safe, rapid, gentle and permanent cure is provided by homoeopathy, prompting people to choose this medical science. This makes homoeopathy a medical science of coming centuries.

Q.1 Is Homoeopathy a proved science?

Homoeopathy is a science based on sound logic and vast experimental data. Homoeopathy is the only
medical science where data has been collected by proving on human beings and not on animals because
human beings can communicate their actual feelings during the testing while animals can not.
The principle of Homoeopathy have been derived and authenticated by vast clinical experiments and data.

Q.2 Is it true that Homoeopathic medicines are only placebos (sugar pills)?

No. The pills of Homoeopathic medicines are made from sugar but they work only as vehicles.
Actual liquid medicines prepared from various natural medicinal substances, is poured over the pills and dispensed as medications. Homoeopathic medicines are also available in liquid form or tinctures, which can be administered directly or by diluting them in water whenever required.

Q3. Is Homoeopathy safe and effective for infants and children?

Homoeopathic remedies are safe for infants and children and can be given to children& infants without any risk.

Q4. In which disease condition, Homoeopathic treatment is more effective?

There is no any condition that Homoeopathy can not treat. Conditions from a simple cold to cancer
can be treated effectively with Homoeopathy. As for Homoeopathic treatment, we need the individual
symptoms of the patients suffering from any disease and not the diagnosis of the disease.

Q5. What is the advantage of taking Homoeopathic medicines from a qualified doctor?

There is the vast advantages of taking Homoeopathic medicines from a qualified doctor as he is qualified to judge severity and depth of your illness and thereby prevent undue complication later on, which could be overlooked by a simple practitioner due to his ignorance of medical knowledge. Only a qualified physician can guide you toward a complete mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and pathological recovery.

Q6. Are there any side effects of Homoeopathic medicines?

No there are no any side effects of Homoeopathic medicines. Sometimes after getting Homeopathic
medicines, some old symptoms like skin rushes or constipation which was suppressed earlier after
some other treatment, may reappear but this doesn’t means that you need some other Homeopathic
medicine, these old symptoms will go away automatically in a very short period of time and you are
healed completely and permanently.

Q7. Can Diabetic patients take Homoeopathic medicine?

Certainly, the diabetic patients take Homoeopathic medicines. As the Homoeopathic pills are composed of lactose that is not harmful for the diabetic patients. On the other hand, the daily dietary intake of sugar by a person would normally for exceed the minute quantity consumed in the form of Homoeopathic pills (Approximately the quantity of sugar consumed with 1 cup of tea is same as being consumed by entire week of Homoeopathic medication).

Q8. Does one have to stop other medicines which the patient has been taking?

No. The patient should not stop the medicines which he has been taking. It should be tapered gradually once the patient is improving but this should be done in consultation with the treating physician.

Q9. Is Homoeopathy effective in Allergic diseases?

Due to multiple factors like drugs, stress, hormones etc, immune system is compromised and people of all ages groups start getting allergic to certain food item, dust, pollens, pets, weather changes or medicines. Allergic can effect the respiratory tract, digestive tract , skin , etc , where homoeopathy is very effective.

Q10. Is Homoeopathy is effective in surgical diseases?

Surgery is a medical technology consisting of a physical intervention on tissues. Medicines have its own limitations, therefore homeopathy is not a replacement of surgery. Surgical procedure helps in the conditions where medicines have limited or not role, and where surgical aid / operation can cure or improve the circulation. There are number of diseases labeled as surgical where homeopathy walks curatively and can avoid surgery .Some such ailments are :- Recurrent tonsillitis, warts, fistula, piles, chronic ear infection, nasal polyp, corns, kidney and gall bladder stones,ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, etc.

Q11. Why detailed history of the patient is needed while taking homoeopathic case taking?

Detailed history of the patient is very much needed while taking homoeopathic case taking as homoeopathy beliefs in treating the individual and not the disease. So the physician needs to know the individual and not about his disease. Also the chronic diseases are due to suppression of the skin affection or emotions, hence detailed history will reveal whether any ailments suppressed has leave to present complaints.

Q12. Does one have to take the medicines for a long time?

No, the duration of the treatment depends upon the nature of the disease and resistant of the patient’s body. The treatment is required for certain time period so as to improve the resistance of the body to fight diseases. Once the patient starts improving, we stop the medicines and the natural immunity and control mechanism of the body will take care of the rest.