Live Life Positively

  • Feel Better: When you’re positive, you’ll feel better about life in general. Positivity is contagious- so the more positive you are, the more positive feelings will come.
  • Harmonious relationships:  When you chose positive attitude, you will start to create more meaningful friendships and great relationships. This type of attitude will create a very good and positive atmosphere around you which will attract people to you.
  • Better Coping Skills: Hard times will inevitably come, there is no way around them. When you’re a positive person it will be easier to handle these situations and move past them.  A bad attitude never helps ANY situation…
  • Great First Impression:  If you make a positive thinking your priority, you will always make a great first impression.
  • Meditation means awareness.
  • Meditation is not a technique but a way of life. Meditation means ‘a cessation of the thought process’.
  • Meditation is that which gives you deep rest. Meditation is an activity in which the practitioner just sits and allows the mind to dissolve.
  • Meditation Relief from stress and anxiety (meditation mitigates the effects of the “fight-or-flight” response, decreasing the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline)
  • Decreased blood pressure and hypertension
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • More efficient oxygen use by the body
  • Increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA
  • Restful sleep
  • Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move toward a goal.
  • It is the force that directs and regulates our behaviour, driving us to initiate and complete an action.
  • Motivation Clarifies A Goal
  • Motivation Sets Priorities In Life
  • Motivation Pushes Through Setbacks
  • Motivation Teaches Perseverance
  • Motivation Builds Self-Confidence

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  • From One Year, I am taking treatment from Dr. C.B.Mehta for allergy. I got Quick relief from allergy, It's Unbelievable but true that homoeopathy works so fast....- Amresh Choudhary, Lecturer, Law College Dhanbad
  • Dr Mehta's diagnosis and treatment has been very methodical. Contrary to common misconception - we don't have to avoid any particular food or change our eating habits to our discomfort ; even the doses are not cumbersome. This is perhaps the best part of his treatment.- Rakesh Kumar Singh, Software Engineer,CCL,Hazaribagh
  • I was suffering from Chronic Spondylitis, I took several types of medicine but no relief .Then I met Dr Mehta for treatement,Now I am completely fit and able to do every thing..:) may GOD give him strength to treate Max. no. of people like us.

    - Ashish Kumar Singh,Dhanbad

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